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If you are hard-working, honest, and looking for affordable housing, BEWARE of Kingwood Lakes Apartments at 3700 Kingwood Drive, Kingwood, Texas. Beware of any Adara Community in this area!

They will suck you into renting an over-priced apartment with appliances from the 1970s, carpets that are never replaced (they cut-up sections and replace them), wooden stairs that are falling apart, black mold in the ventilation system, roaches galore, and if you have indoor pets they WILL get fleas from the nasty people who live there.

Expect trash on top of the car ports, trash in the walkways, outdoor lights that don't work and are never replaced, windows with ripped screens or no screens at all, a parking lot that looks like a bomb hit it (have had several flat tires because of potholes), no parking spaces, maintenance people who will enter your apartment whenever they like (without permission) and steal your valuables. Don't even think about reporting "incidents" to management because THEY DO NOT CARE!!! Neither do the police.

Expect water outages with no notice due to broken water mains, faucets that are so rusted that the water is brown and cloudy, stoves and refrigerators that don't work, have leaks and are missing pieces. Expect to have drug-dealing (or drug-addicted), alcoholic partying neighbors, and people who hang their laundry on their balconies and throw their trash out their windows. Expect overflowing dumpsters to add to the wicked-nasty smell of the waste water treatment facility that is in your backyard.

If you want an issue with the building addressed, you will have to call the City of Houston and file a complaint before anything is done. Management is rude and uncooperative, as well as unorganized and downright idiotic. Don't ever expect a good night's sleep between the shady characters living there and the black mold that coats EVERYTHING in your home.

DEFINITELY expect roaches...LOTS of them...doesn't matter how much you WILL get them because the entire complex is INFESTED!!! If you want an exterminator to service your apartment, you will have to call on Monday to get them there on Wednesday and you better be one of the first 20 people to call or you're out of luck. Then, you can expect the exterminators to rob your place if you're not home.

All in all, expect a miserable experience. SO GLAD TO BE OUTTA' THERE!!!!!!!!!

Review about: Adara Communities Facility.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Leave us alone!!!.

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Kingwood, Texas, United States #1013846

I lived in Kings crossing and they put on my credit I owed them money!!I had a zero balance with them.

Not to mention they don't even exist anymore.

Now I am unable to rent another apartment with this on my credit.Crooks

to Worst place I ever lived #1161239

You need to file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General or contact the Harris county fraud division. If you can prove you had a $0 balance, its against the law for any business to report you to a credit bureau in retailiation or any other reason unlawful. You can look it up under the Texas Penl code


please do your research the company is owned by crooks.Kingwood Lakes was just refinanced in December 2014, after they milked the property dry, they refinance and then let it go into foreclosure.

Give it another 12 months thr property will be sold because its in foreclosure. They racked up enough law suits under CNC Investements, then changed the name to Adara Communities. Now they have changed names again Ilan You won't find a single employee with the company that has real property investment experience.

Some of their employees have extensive criminal records. The Hoovers and D&B credit score is 9 which is up there with very high risk. That's because they don't pay their bills. They have a number of lawsuits in very state they do business in.

They are fund raising from investors and not properly registered with the State, SEC or any regulator body. They have violated every Multi Housing municipal code you can imagine. Some of the violations are criminal negligence. They have put their tenants at substantial fire and safety risk.

The municipal inspectors are overwhelmed so they get away with it.When they finally get inspected its usually substantial penalties then they file bankruptcy on the property or it goes into forclosure and someone comes alone to buy it.


Their other apartment complex, kings crossing, was just as bad. Luckily it was torn down.

Lafayette, Louisiana, United States #915112

sounds like they cater to section eight vouchers

to chris Houston, Texas, United States #1073365

No thay don't allow section 8. But yes it is nasty place to live

to chris Houston, Texas, United States #1093855

The place is so bad and management is so bad, they would not qualify for section 8, that how bad the place and management is.

For $50 more you can rent a decent place with decent management.If ever there was a place that needs to be torn down its Kingwood Lakes apartments.

I fear for people that live there.The buildings are in violation city codes, the lake is a nuisance, they dump trash behind tenants buildings and they have broken so many landlord/tenant laws, state and local laws that some of the people should be in jail.

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